January Newsletter

MySkillChart wishes you a Happy New Year! While you welcome in 2020, MySkillChart have some super cool updates for you. Before we announce the new features we added to the product, we thank you for all your support and feedback that helps us to make the product more user-friendly.

Important Updates:

  • Branded Mobile App for IOS and Android users

It will be easier than ever to connect with your customers with MySkillChart mobile app. The interactive app is free to all your customers and it can be downloaded on IOS and Android devices.

  • Mass-Set Skill Description and Criteria

Set your skill descriptions for all the skill-set with just one click. Select the skills and click Mass Skill Criteria icon.


  • Re-send Registration Email to Parents and Staff

Do parents and staff claim that they never received registration email? Don’t worry! Now we can re-send registration email to the parents and staffs from Admin portal to set-up their accounts.

  • Skill-Track Multiple Classes in one go

This feature is really beneficial for the instructors who update their students’ progress in multiple classes at the same time. To use this feature, select the classes to skill track the students in and hit Mass SkillChart icon.

  • Re-try Student Skill Evaluation

Re-try icon is re-testing a student on a particular skill. It wipes off the current evaluation if any; however, it is not deleted permanently. It can rather be viewed in history under Date Column.

  • Favorite Program

Students who are taking multiple programs can now have their primary program set as default program using favorite program feature. Just click the “Heart” icon in front of the program name to set the program as primary program for a specific student.

  • Improved Integration with Amilia Coming Soon

Good news for Amilia clients, integration is going to get automated. Users don’t have to wait for their MySkillChart database to be updated with Amilia every week. Instead, it will sync the information every minute which will be helpful for those who use drop-ins and allow last minute registrations.

  • Improved Integration with Studio Director

MySkillChart is now ready to integrate with your Studio Director account. Just provide us your API-key located in your SD account and you are all set with the integration. For more information, please reach out to us at support@myskillchart.com.

  • Open API

As you know that open API eliminates the barriers, promotes innovation, utilizes customer insights, and streamline operations. MySkillChart provides an open API platform that your external end user can integrate into their application and customize according to their needs.